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Perfect waves again at the 6th annual WCSO

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Perfect waves again at the 6th Annual Walter Caloca Surf Open (WCSO), the 3rd stop of the Baja Bound Surf Series
On November 12th and 13th, 2016, the United Athletes of the Pacific Ocean (UAPO) and WILDCOAST hosted the 6th Annual Walter Caloca Surf Open at the legendary San Miguel in Bahia Todos Santos, Ensenada, Baja California. The binational surfing event symbolizes that the ocean has no borders and surfing can bridge the divide between countries and cultures. More importantly, the event celebrates the life of one of Ensenada's most beloved surfers, Walter Caloca, who tragically passed away several years ago, but not before he spread his love throughout the region's surfing community and beyond.
This year’s event was part of the second season of the Baja Bound Surf Series, which also included the recently added Rosarito Surf Open at the pier in Rosarito on August 27th and 28th, WILDCOAST’s Dempsey Holder Ocean Festival and Surf Contest in Imperial Beach held on September 10th, and the Baja Surf Club Invitational, which is the final stop and is double in points, at San Miguel scheduled for January 14th and 15th, 2017. Baja Bound Insurance is sponsoring a prize purse of $3,000 that will be awarded to the top three open men's and open women's series points leaders.
For the sixth consecutive year, the Pacific Ocean sent incredible waves to the WCSO. The two day event showcased an international assortment of youth and adult surfers, women, longboard and body board. San Miguel local Kevin Meza won the stacked Open Men and is now in the lead in the series. The final also included San Clemente’s shredder Doug Van Mierlo (2nd), also from San Clemente Shaw Kobayashi (3rd), and Imperial Beach’s Josh Johnson (4th). Other top standouts in the solid 6 to 8 foot offshore and perfect conditions included Micah Peck, Matt King, Aaron Jessee, Pierre Geffroy, Kyle Knox, Jay Christensen, Javier Meza and Charbel Azzi.
Levi Slawson took the junior division once again, followed by Hayden Rodgers, Nolan Rodgers, Micah Peck, Jack Stewart, and Gordin Wilcheck. The 16 and under women division was won by Puerto Escondido's Valeria Peconi, followed by local surfers Metzly Olmos, and Ana Fletcher and Kamden Miller took fourth.
The body board division was won by Ricardo Razo. Local surfer Vicente Yazbek won the longboard division. Best performance for boys under 12 was Hayden Rodgers from Laguna Beach, CA.
The women's division this year was full of talent including Valeria Peconi who won the final with flawless surfing, followed by San Miguel local Naara Nunez (2nd). Placing third was Larissa Lambrou from Encinitas followed by Metzly Olmos from Ensenada.
On Saturday and Sunday, the Bahia Todos Santos World Surfing Reserve and Save the Waves explained to all the competitors and spectators the importance of protecting the Arroyo San Miguel to preserve the wave and watershed at San Miguel as Baja California’s first State Park.
This year's event would not have been possible without the help of WILDCOAST and UAPO's dedicated volunteer, judges, contest participants and all of the sponsors including: Baja California Tourism, Baja Bound Insurance, Sector 9, XTERRA, Cobian Sandals, Fish 101 Restaurant, Mitch’s Surf Shop, Super Brand, Windansea, Baja Surf Club, Boules, Muelle 3, Comunidad Surfer Ensenadense, Surfride, Bird's Surf Shed, Estero Beach, Lobo Man, Café Toya, Kiku, Aborigen, Federacion Mexicana de Surfing, Orozco Surfboards, San Miguel Surfboards and the Baja California Surfing Association.
UAPO is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to promote youth surfing in both California's through surf competition, cultural exchange and education. For more information visit their website at WILDCOAST is an international conservation team that conserves coastal and marine ecosystems and wildlife. To learn more about WILDCOAST visit
2016/17 Baja Bound Surf Series Rankings after WCSO
1 Kevin Meza 2400
2 Charbel Azzi 2000
3 Jesus Velasquez 1675
4 Matt King 1470
5 Jose M Lopez 1400
6 Jay Christensen 1230
7 Ziki Garcia 1140
8 Maxwell Farrel 1130
9 Javier Meza 1110
10 Kyle Knox 1055
11 Cameron Bartz 1000
12 John Fletcher 900
13 Doug Van Mierlo 860
14 Sean Fowler 850
15 Moises Michel 740
16 Alex Ortiz 730
16 Shaw Kobayashi 730
18 Juan Corral 712
19 Josh Johnson 670
20 Micah Peck 610
20 Daniel Dedina 610
20 Gary Trishman 610
23 Juan Corral 556
24 Aaron Jesse 555
24 Pierre Geffory 555
26 Ryan Wilson 500
26 Korak Tinoco 500
26 Nick Chan 500
29 Emiliano Cabello 450
29 Jimel Corzo 450
29 Martin Passeri 450
32 Marley Peck 400
32 Mike Gilard 400
32 Michael Roccoforte 400
32 Yeruda Ben 400
32 Andre Arana 400
32 Keith Mcclowsky 400
32 Carlos Rojas 400
32 George Kindley 400
32 Eric Vanderhyde 400
32 Russel Clenan 400
32 Adam Mckynney 400
32 Simon Carbonell 400
32 Grant Thiem 400
32 Pablo Sanchez 400
46 Scott Ridout 360
47 Robert Domingue 320
48 Danny Berk 280
48 Shawn Rash 280
48 Devin Burstein 280
51 Tad Gibson 240
51 Rick Hahn 240
51 Brian Guillote 240
54 Vito Roccoforte 156
2016 Rankings after WCSO
Tiare Thompson 1 2000
Ana Fletcher 2 1220
Valeria Peconi 3 1000
Ana L Gonzalez 4 860
Chloe Buckley 4 860
Naara Nunez 4 860
BrAnne Custodio 7 730
Kandem Miller 7 730
Larissa Lambrou 7 730
Dari Rose Hill 10 670
Metzly Olmos 10 670
Paloma Lencioni 12 610
Hannah Van Veen 12 610
Natana Gulliver 12 610
Beth An Wishbow 15 555
Photos by Nacho Felix












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