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2017 Baja Surf Club Invitational

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The Baja Surf Club Invitational was the first surf contest to promote friendship and solidarity between two countries back in the 1960’s. After years of absence and a new group of Mexican surfers taking the reins, the Club is at it again. This event is doing what it did fifty years ago, form new and lasting friendships for years to come, by inviting surf clubs from USA and México to compete with each other in a friendly environment.
The Baja Surf Club Invitational is hosted by The Baja Surf Club. The club returned in 2016 with epic waves. In double overhead waves The Baja Surf Club emerged victorious and defended it’s title at the 2017 Invitational. The main sponsor of this event is E3V (FUMANCHU) The Art of Surf and Skate, partnering with United Athletes of the Pacific Oceans-UAPO and WILDCOAST. It's also the last event of the BAJA BOUND surf series and double the points.
The Baja Surf Club Invitational is a team oriented competition and it's point based. The team with the highest points has their club name engraved on the Baja Surf Club Invitational trophy. The contest format includes seven categories. Each category has a limited number of entries.
•Categories/Open Men 32 participants (4 per team)
•Open Women’s 16 participants (2 per team)
•Longboard Men 32 participants (2 per team)
•Longboard Women’s 16 participants (2 per team)
•Junior boys 16 participants (under 16 yrs.) (2 per team)
•Junior girls 16 participants (under 16 yrs.) (2 per team)
•Master Men’s 32 participants (above 40 yrs.) (2 per team)
For more information contact
Jorge Macfarland at (619) 318-7785 email
or Alfredo Ramirez at (619) 886-2424 email
for registration go to
2017 Results

Open Men's
1. Kevin Meza
2. Jay Christensen
3. Kyle Knox
4. Rodger Eales
Open Women's
1. Tiare Thomson
2. Hannah Van Veen
3. Valeria Peconi
4. Paloma Lencioni
1. Pier Moore Pacific
2. Dave Parra
3. Jeff Knox
1. Jesús Velázquez
2. José Zepeda
3. Baltazar Macías
4. Geoff Hill
Longboard Men's
1. Terry Gillard
2. Fernando Viramontes
3. Pier Moore
4. Sean Malabanan
Longboard Women's
1. Tiare Thomson
2. Lauren Canavan
3. Rebeca Mueller
4. Natana Gulliver
Junior Men
1. Rigoberto Avianeda
2. Moisés Mitchell
3. Emiliano Cabello
4. Dakota Hooker
Junior Women's
1. Valeria Peconi
2. Metzly Olmos
3. Analisa Fletcher
4. Mariana Valencia
Clubs Results
1. Baja Surf Club 10,021 puntos
2. Baja Bound Insurance 5,800
3. Christian Surfers 4,908
4. Windansea Surf Club 4,518
5. Pacific Beach Surf Club 2,710
6. Saltcreek Surf Club 1,249
7. Baja Norte Club de Surf 1,205
8. Pink Taco 970
9. E3V 531
10. Rosarito Surf Club 478
11. La Jolla Surf Association 387
Baja Bound Surf Series 2016-2017
Open Men’s
1. Kevin Meza 4,400 puntos
2. Charbel Azzi 3,062
3. Jay Christensen 3,030
Open Women’s
1. Tiare Thompson 4,000 puntos
2. Valeria Peconi 2,660
3. Ana Fletcher 2,532



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