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Mexico’s Jhony Corzo Crowned ISA World Champion

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México first competed in the World Championships in 1966 in Ocean Beach and again in 1968 in Puerto Rico. At that time the only participants were the members of the Baja Surf Club, who included among others, Nacho Felix and Carlos Hernandez. Back then it was the only Surf Club that existed in México.
Twenty years later in 1988 a group of Surfers from all over México lead by the now President of the Baja Surf Club, Jorge Macfarland and the former President of the Mexican Surfing Federation, Luis Skeen de Alba, competed in the World Surfing Championships in Puerto Rico. The goal at the time was to compete, do well enough to be in the top ten and excite the Mexican Surfing population. With a 15th place in the World Championships in 1988 and a push to do better the next time, México and their surfers began the quest that many Countries around the World set out to do, which is to win a medal.
It took awhile, and after fifty one years and countless World Competitions, our goals where finally met by a group of surfers from different parts of Mexico, who against all odds, placed 4th out of 47 teams winning the copper medal in Biarritz, France. If that wasn’t enough a young eighteen year old from Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, by the name of Jhony Corzo took the Gold, and in the process made history, not only in México, but all over the world.

The Baja Surf Club and it’s members set a goal back in 1966, to make México a force to be reckon with in the World Surfing Stage. Thank you Jhony Corzo and the rest of the 2017 Mexican National Surfing Team. The Baja Surf Club thanks you.
Photos by International Surfing Association
Nacho Felix Book Tribe of the Waves, Memories of Mexican Surfing (Book)

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