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Epic weekend at San Miguel! for the 2018 Baja Surf Club Invitational!

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The 2018 Baja Surf Club Invitational was another epic event. The Invitational is always about friendship, sportsmanship, family, and the blending of two cultures through the art of surfing. Not only did we have great waves and weather, but amazing surfers forging lifelong bonds.

Maintaining the caliber of this event would not be possible without the countless hours that the Baja Surf Club Invitational crew invested for days, weeks, and months leading up to this event. A heart felt “Gracias” and a huge “abrazo” goes out to my brothers Norman Tucker, Miguel Torres, Alfredo Ramirez, and Geoff Hill. Their Friendship and tireless investment in the BSCI was above and beyond. I would also like to thank my amazing “hermanas” Kiku Matsushima, and Lisa Skerl for their invaluable gifts of hospitality, nourishment, organization, and enthusiasm, their presence fuels the heart and soul of this contest. To our extended family, our judges, announcers, tabulators, beach marshalls, and photographers, you know who you are, a big hug to all of you.
A special thanks to all our sponsors for their generous contributions every year. Lastly, the community of Ensenada and all the fans that show up to help this contest truly shine.
Of course this year’s Invitational would not have had the energy and excitement without the exceptional talent and drive of the participants. Yet again the bar has been raised with outstanding performances from surfers like Chris Ward, Jay Christensen, Roger Eals, Sean Fowler, Gael Jimenez, Jesus Velasquez, Jeff Knox, Alex Knost, the Stewart Twins, Tiare Thompson, Noah Lia Klapp, Landy Spencer Daly, Maya Larripa, Julia Guild, and many other amazing athletes.
Special congratulations to Team baja Bound for winning this year’s team trophy and adding their name to the ranks of such clubs as Long Beach Surf Club, Windansea Surf Club, and Baja Surf Club. Thank you for continuing to increase the caliber of this prestigious and historic event.
Lastly, a huge big “Abrazo” to “Mi Familia”, my Partner Christy D. and my children Kai-Dylan and Jorge Patrick for putting up with my obsession for several months.
Jorge Macfarland
Baja Surf Club

2018 Baja Surf Club Invitational Official Results:
Girls U16
1. Noak Klapp, Malibu, CA.
2. Julia Guild, San Diego, CA. Team Baja Bound
3. Maya Larripa, Puerto Escondido, Oax.
4. Mariana Valencia, Baja Surf Club
Boys U16
1. Gael Jimenez, Puerto Escondido, Oax.
2. Peter Stewart, Imperial Beach, CA Team Baja Bound
3. Jack Stewart, Imperial Beach, CA Team Baja Bound
4. Joshua Estrada, Baja Surf Club
Open Men’s
1. Chris Ward, San Clemente, CA
2. Rodger Eales, San Diego, CA Team WILDCOAST
3. Jay Christensen, Pacific Beach, CA
4. Sean Fowler, Imperial Beach, CA Team Baja Bound
Open Women’s
1. Tiare Thompson, La Jolla, CA Team Baja Bound
2. Noah Klapp, Malibu, CA
3. Landy Spencer, San Diego, CA Team Baja Bound
4. Brooke Young, San Diego, CA
Longboard Women’s
1. Tiare Thompson, La Jolla, CA Windansea Surf Club
2. Lauren Canavan, San Diego, CA
3. Natana Gulliver, Baja Surf Club
4. Helena Roseman, La Jolla, CA Windansea Surf Club
Longboard Men’s
1. Alex Knost, Costa Mesa, CA
2. Sam Heck
3. Mike Gillard, San Diego, CA Team Baja Bound
4. Reed Basangan
1. Jesus Velasquez, Baja Surf Club
2. Craig Macia, Team Baja Bound
3. Peter Hamilton
4. Sean Fowler. Imperial Beach, Team Baja Bound
1. Jeff Knox, Imperial Beach
2. Pier Moore, Point Disciples California Baja
3. Jorge Macfarland, Baja Surf Club
1. Team Baja Bound
2. Baja Surf Club
3. Windansea Surf Club
4. Wildcoast
5. San Juanico Surf Club

Photos by Nacho Felix

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