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In the year of 1965 Ignacio 'Nacho' Felix Cota, Carlos Hernandez, and Walter Rudametkin founded at San Miguel beach, in Ensenada, Baja California, the first ever Mexican Surf Club, The Baja Surf Club.
Their goals were to organize regional and national tournaments, explore the Mexican coast, participate in California contests and in the future, organize an international contest in San Miguel inviting the main surfing stars and clubs of California, Hawaii, and Peru.
-Tribe of the Waves, Memories of Mexican Surfing by Ignacio Felix Cota.
In January of 2015 (50 yrs. later) a group of Baja and California surfers with the support of the United Athletes of the Pacific Ocean (UAPO) gathered together at Bird's Surf Shed in San Diego, CA for the rebirth of the Baja Surf Club.
Our Mission to support our youth for a brighter future, protect our coasts, and to always show a positive image of Baja and California surfers through charity and surf competitions.


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