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About UAPO
'Oo-ah poh'

United Athletes of the Pacific Ocean, UAPO, is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to promote youth surfing in both California's through surf competition, cultural exchange and education. We are the first bi-national surf organization based in San Diego California and Ensenada Baja California that aims to engage, lead and bridge future surfing generations to world class surfing. We seek to raise awareness about our shared environmental issues. Uapo means Bridge in Hawaiian. The organization is directed by President and Founder Alfredo Ramirez.



Alfredo is a bi-lingual and bi-cultural San Diego native who has lived in Baja California, Mexico, and fully understands both the Hispanic and U.S. border markets. Alfredo is an avid surfer with a competition background. During his twenties he finished in the top ten in the Mexican surfing nationals getting him qualified for the ISA World Surfing Games in Lisbon, Portugal, where he also was assigned team captain and saw his leadership skills start to flourish. He holds a dual MBA from Mexico and Canada. Alfredo is an enthusiastic waterman and outdoorsman and that lead him to hold various surf community positions on both sides of the border. He is the former president of the Baja California Surfing Association, and the founder and current president of United Athletes of the Pacific Ocean (UAPO), with the mission to promote youth surfing in both California's through surf competition, cultural exchange and education.



Alfredo’s extensive travels have taken him to Tahiti, Hawaii, Indonesia, Europe, Canada, United States, The Caribbean Islands, and Mexico. Always looking for a new adventure.

Alfredo and Emilio Romero, after having a heat against Rob Machado and his team at the 2010 Rob Machado Experience in Cardiff, CA.




The organization provides Surf Contests, Surf Clinics and Surf Gear. These products and services are targeted to K-12 students and their families. The surf contests are held at renowned surf spots in Southern California and Baja California. Additionally, clinics are being offered to educate surfers about surf competitive etiquette and engage potential surf athletes in the discipline and competitive world, including environmental awareness.

Affiliated Schools:


-Colegio Argentino Los Pibes
-Grossmont Highschool
-Granite Hills Highschool
UAPO Annualy main events:

-Walter Caloca Open (March, San Miguel, Ensenada Baja California)

-Surf Clinics (July-September, Pacific Beach, CA)

-Tres Emes Jr Open (November, Tres Emes beach, Ensenada Baja California)

-Dempsey Holder surf contest (Partnership with Wild Coast, October, Imperial Beach CA)
-Baja Bound Surf Series-A brand new binational surf series has been established for the 2015 season. The series will combine three surf contests in Baja and San Diego: The Walter Caloca Surf Open at San Miguel, The Dempsey Holder in Imperial Beach, and the Paradise Cove Surf Open at Teresa's in Rosarito.

Cardiff Surf Classic 2010, interview with the hosts.

Alfredo and Pro Surfer Keala Kenelly at the 4th Annual Walter Caloca Surf Open at San Miguel.

UAPO family. Jetty Kid's Surf Kontest -South Mission, 2010.

Windansea Menehune Surf Contest at La Jolla Shores, October, 2014.

ISA World Junior Surfing Championship, Coaching the Mexican Team, Oceanside, CA, 2015

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