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Alfredo Ramirez

Alfredo is a bi-lingual and bi-cultural San Diego native who has lived in Baja California, Mexico, and fully understands both the Hispanic and U.S. border markets. Alfredo is an avid surfer with a competition background. During his twenties he finished in the top ten in the Mexican surfing nationals getting him qualified for the ISA World Surfing Games in Lisbon, Portugal, where he also was assigned team captain and saw his leadership skills start to flourish. He holds a dual MBA from Mexico and Canada.
Alfredo is an enthusiastic waterman and outdoorsman and that lead him to hold various surf community positions on both sides of the border. He is the former president of the Baja California Surfing Association, and the founder and current president of United Athletes of the Pacific Ocean (UAPO), with the mission to promote youth surfing in both California's through surf competition, cultural exchange and education. Uapo also means Bridge in Hawaiian.

Alfredo’s extensive travels have taken him to Tahiti, Hawaii, Indonesia, Europe, Canada, United States and Mexico. Always looking for a new adventure.

Ricardo Dominguez


Ricardo is the founder and organizer of the Mexican Surf Fiesta event in San Miguel, which has been running for the last 28 years, he was Director of operations of both Reef@Todos in 1998, and 1999.
He assisted in the event logistics of the 2006 WCT Rip Curl Search in Huatulco, Mexico. Ricardo brings extensive local knowledge and great network to UAPO.

Ignacio "Nacho" Felix Cota


Ignacio Félix Cota, from Ensenada, Baja California, was one of the first to introduce the sport of surfing in Mexico. Nacho Félix made history by winning a world championship in San Diego, California, in 1965.
He is the author of 'Tribe of the Waves' Memories of Mexican Surfing. The first book that talks about how surfing started in Mexico in the 60's. Nacho brings great network to UAPO.

Zach Plopper


Zach is a San Diego native and has spent many hours surfing and traveling the Baja California coastline. As a professional surfer, he had the opportunity to travel the globe surfing competitively against the world’s top surfers.
After graduating from UCSD and UCLA, both where he studied Urban Planning, Zach took the role as WiLDCOAST’s Wildlands Conservation Program Manager. Now he gets to log in even more hours south of the border while protecting the region’s threatened undisturbed coastal ecosystems.
UAPO is proud to have Zach on its Board of Directors and is looking forward to the organizations eminent success.

Esperanza 'Chuchie' Hill


Chuchie Hill, founder of In The Sea Productions (organization committed to preserving the Ocean via media awareness, starting with the coastline of California and Baja California), is a Spanglish director, producer and video artist.
Born in the Island of Mallorca where she redirected her competitive sailing life passion to film, to win a One Show Entertainment Award for directing the campaign that introduced Jambox to the Brazilian market, a Human Interest Award for the documentary Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down, a Streamy Award for Best Branded Entertainment Web Series for Lexus, and a nomination at the Los Angeles Women´s International Film Festival, she´s also known for her BBC commissioned video art installation Laughing Portraits Pursuit of Happiness.
Now her early life sailing passion comes back to surface with her documentary In The Sea You´ll Find Me, a powerful portrayal of young surf champion Walter Caloca, who´s sudden death led to the largest paddle out in Mexico.
Mara Arroyo

Mara Arroyo (architect) is currently a PhD candidate in Social Sciences with specialization in Regional Studies at the College of the Northern Border (COLEF), México.
In 2004 she conducted her first research in indigenous communities, focusing her studies on traditional and contemporary kumiai’s housing and settlements. From 2010 her work focuses on environmental conservation and sustainable rural livelihoods, working with the kumiai population of San José de la Zorra -an indigenous community near Guadalupe Valley-.
In 2013 she spent two semesters working at the University of Melbourne, exploring new ways of linking conservation and rural livelihoods. One of her main professional and personal goals is to use her experience in social sciences to contribute to natural resources management and sustainable development practices in Mexico. Today, Mara is the Reserve Manager for Bahía de Todos Santos WSR and part of the Save The Waves Coalition team.
Gino Passalacqua

Gino grew up between Lima and Pimentel, a coastal town in Northern Peru where the traditional "Caballitos de Totora" are still use for fishing. Since early age he started fishing and surfing the long left Peruvian point breaks. Gino studied Fishing Engineering in Peru and worked for a few years in the Peruvian Fishing Industry. During his college years, he worked as surf guide along the Peruvian coast and was a surfing judge for the Peruvian Surfing Federation for a few seasons.
He immigrated to San Diego, CA to study a M.Sc. in Oceanography at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)-UCSD, where he later worked as a Development Engineer. His surfing/oceanography trips has taken him to Alaska, South Africa, New Zealand, Fiji, Mexico, United States, Greenland, Iceland, Europe, Chile and Japan.
Currently, Gino is finishing his Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography studying the Air-Sea Interactions of Winter Storms on a joint program between UABC and CICESE. In 2013, he got a fellowship at the Department of Meteorology at University of Melbourne Australia, learning about the ocean's influence on cold fronts. Here he was able to also experience the Australian surfing community by participating in a few Torquay Boardriders Club competitions.
In 2014 Gino became the new Director for UAPO in Ensenada.

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